For Gallery

The only marketplace in Poland showcasing unique and curated digital assets
Access to a wide community of collectors worldwide
  • The opportunity to be part of an entire ecosystem that will change the way we interact with art. We enable galleries to create an "alternative" exhibition space in the Metaverse
Advisory services for the sale and purchase of digital assets for galleries and individual clients
Transaction security. Purchased artworks are certified by artists, galleries, or estate representatives
Easy entry for galleries into the world of NFTs through comprehensive technological, legal, and sales support
Two sales mechanisms that increase the value of the purchased asset:
  • Certificate of Authenticity - an electronic file confirming the authenticity and unique nature of the NFT token representing the artwork
  • Certificate of Ownership - combining the NFT token with a physical object. The token buyer becomes the full owner of the physical object
Ability to sell through auctions or private sales
Platform with a positive legal reputation
  • KYC and various payment methods (including fiat payment options)
  • We operate based on eco-friendly technological solutions