The Meeting of David and Abigail
Peter Paul Rubens
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Width: 66.3 cmHeight: 44.7 cmDepth: 7.9 cm
Size: 4.07 MBFile type: JPEGWidth: 4096 pxHeight: 2789 px
About the Artwork
This biblical narrative, recounted in 1 Samuel 25:2–42, describes an episode during David's exile in the wilderness in southern Judah. David, in need of provisions, sent some of his men to request aid from a wealthy sheep farmer named Nabal, whose herd David had let graze unmolested all winter. The sheep farmer curtly refused their request. Infuriated, David set out with 400 armed men to seek revenge. Nabal's wife, Abigail, having learned of David's impending attack, quickly packed generous provisions—including bread, wine, meat, and fruit—on the backs of donkeys, and set out to intercept David and his soldiers. She pleaded with David to forego his punitive action, reminding him that he was fighting the Lord's battles and should not allow evil into his life. Abigail returned home and her joyous news caused her husband's heart to die "within him, and he became as a stone." Upon hearing of Nabal's death, David assumed that God had acted to support his cause and rejoiced, after which he promptly sent servants to ask Abigail to marry him. She consented and became David's second wife.
Date of creation1630

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