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    Anna Masiul-Gozdecka
    Anna Masiul-Gozdecka was born in 1975 in Warsaw. She received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Painting Faculty of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in 2000. She creates abstract and realistic compositions, but always full of color and optimism, in spite of the gray in which she grew up. Her work is inextricably linked to nature and its perfection - a multitude of forms, textures, combinations, diversity of landscapes and the play of light and shadow. The artist is constantly experimenting, reaching for different techniques: oil on canvas for painting people, faces, acrylic on canvas for abstraction, ink, acrylic and spray on paper, she also creates collages. Her works are in private and corporate collections around the world: in Poland, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, the UK (private collections and corporate collection for Ujima Housing Group), the United States, Australia, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Japan (private collection and corporate collection created by and Taiwan. He has had dozens of solo and group exhibitions. She lives and creates in Poland. "The most important thing in my works is harmony, balance and the essence of what I see. Abstract motifs are always related to reality and experiencing it. I process this experience in a personal way and create my own alternative reality, about which I tell through my art. I reach for forms and motifs related to nature, because it is most perfect in the pursuit of balance. In abstraction, these forms organize space or describe it. I focus on colors, shapes and create until I achieve a kind of harmonious story. My work relies heavily on intuition and feeling, I consider them much more perfect tools than intellect, as they add a unique signature, a code, to human work. This code, being read also through intuition and feeling, creates understanding between people on a completely different level."