Perfection of Concentration
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    Katarzyna Środowska
    Katarzyna Środowska, born in Warsaw in 1971, is a graduate of the Wladyslaw Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź at the Faculty of Painting and Drawing and the Warsaw University of Technology. She is the author of solo exhibitions and a participant in many group exhibitions and plein-air painting. She is a finalist in the 5th National Wyczółkowski Painting Competition, organized by the Association of Polish Artists and Designer, Bydgoszcz District, in cooperation with the Bydgoszcz City Gallery. She cooperates with Polish and foreign galleries and auction houses. She is Vice President of the Mazovian Association of Fine Arts Artists for the 2024-2028 term. The key element of Katarzyna Środowska's works is minimalism, simplicity of form, the search for inner order, harmony and peace. The painter develops two trends in parallel. The first is figurativism. A characteristic element of this style are the landscapes she creates, which have no superfluous elements. They are usually flatly painted patches of calm sky and water. The figures that appear in the paintings are usually placed somewhere to the side of the whole composition. Through her message, the painter wants to invite the viewer into a world of reverie and meditation. The second trend is geometry and symbolism associated with it. The leading figure is the square, which symbolizes the Absolute, perfection, universe, space. For the painter, her squares are a kind of spatial tunnels leading to the individual realities of each of us, to our personal worlds. Through a two-dimensional painting, she subtly brings the viewer inside her innermost dreams and desires. To places of order, harmony and peace. In her painterly explorations and analyses, the artist's main focus is on feelings, purity of shapes and subdued colors. The two styles are united by minimalism, simplicity of colors and layouts, which encourages one to calm down and experience an almost contemplative peace.